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Floral Portfolio

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In the midst of grief, a client reached out to see if I could make a Memorial Keepsake Doorhanger for little angel that was born sleeping. We were able to deliver a piece that included the hand & footprints & a picture of the angel.  Special to say the least.

Don't we love celebrations? That we do! A client got engaged in Mexico & this project was from her engagement bouquet. We tossed around several idea and settled on the Keepsake Initial to indicate the future MRS. 

Losing a parent is incredibly tough, my client reached out looking for a way preserve her mom's casket arrangements in a special Keepsake Initial .

My client was looking to get something made for her, her mother & her sister. Each one of them got something very personal using the casket arrangements of the grandmother that just passed. 

Mother - Heart Stand

Daughter- Initial Keepsake

Daughter - Memorial Coaster

This particular project has become so dear to me due to the fact of how long my client has been looking for someone to tackle such a vision.

The vision: grandmother’s favorite flower was a rose & needing something separate for the girls and boys.

With so much love & passion Memorial Earrings for the Girls & Memorial Cufflinks for the Men.

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